Feb. 19th, 2009

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I have students in my facebook. Students! So I have to be careful what I post there. So this is a few random, but incredibly important thoughts.

1. I have reflected upon a year's worth of information from the NYT science 'n' health section. It is clear that vitamin supplements are, at best, useless. At worst they are harmful. On the other hand, longevity and coherence seem to be clearly correlated with the consumption of dark beer, red wine, chocolate and coffee. As a belated New Year's resolution, I vow to increase my consumption of all four, but purely for my health. I am waiting for the evidence vis a vis tequila anejo and single malt scotch, although I plan to maintain or increase said consumption, just in case.

2. Today, for the first time in nearly a decade of teaching, I had a Catholic student (more than one, really) who knew what the doctrine of transubstantiation was. It's kind of tiring always having to explain to the various theists what it is, specifically, that they are supposed to believe. All in a day's work, I guess.

3. I read and was dutifully appalled by that thing about the PA judges taking bribes to send mischievious teenagers to juvie, like, a week ago, but didn't think to post it in LJ of anything. I'm claiming retroactive outraged post dibs.

4. I am a little bit jealous of my friend who does a combination of ethnography, archeology and intellectual history, who found a whole bunch of juicy gossip in an archive today. Many is the day that I wish I was a historian, because they get to be MUCH bigger gossips than we do.

5. I had an idea for an AAA panel for next year, but it's not in anything I want to write about. Do you, o flist member, know of anybody writing about Jerry Springer/Oprah type shows in, ya know, transnational perspective. I ask, because I heard a talk yesterday in which someone mentioned a Chinese TV show entitled something like "Because of you I am miserable." Between that and Laura en America, there has GOT to be a decent panel. No? New Guinea perhaps? Please? Oh god, I want there to be a PNG version of Laura en America.

6. Why did that incredibly cute chick from NYC at who listened to the open mic tonight, and came up to me afterward to talk about dance have to keep saying the word "husband" in reference to some man who was, apparently, living with her in some romantic fashion. Harrumph.

7. I've been invited to speak at Hahvahd. At the David Rockefeller Center. I feel sorely tempted to make tasteless remarks about the food. Please remind me not to, when the time comes.

ETA: Oops... that was Michael Rockefeller. Nevermind.


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