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I've been having a very sentimental AAA this year, but I probably won't get around to writing about that. Instead, I just want to say one thing:



(Does little happy dance)


Nov. 19th, 2008 07:57 pm
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Osanto baths in SF closed this summer. I was kind of looking forward to soak during the AAA.
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"... I don't want to go, but the kids all want to go. They all think they're gonna be the next Barack Obama."
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And found this poem about New York.

Byron Rufus Newton (1861-1938)

Owed to New York

Vulgar of manner, overfed,
Overdressed and underbred,
Heartless, Godless, hell's delight,
Rude by day and lewd by night;
Bedwarfed the man, o'ergrown the brute,
Ruled by boss and prostitute:
Purple-robed and pauper-clad,
Raving, rotting, money-mad;
A squirming herd in Mammon's mesh,
A wilderness of human flesh;
Crazed by avarice, lust and rum,
New York, thy name's "Delirium.

I think we should put it to music and propose it as the second municipal anthem.
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Rahm Emmanuel is not a good sign, is it. (Should I have punctuated that with a question mark?)
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Philly looks like it's going smoothly, at least in my neighborhood. The turnout at my precinct looked light to me, but everyone told me that it Philly has lots of very small polling places, and that the turn out as of 8 AM was equal to the entire day's turnout in 2004. It's rainy, but not terribly so. As I was out canvassing I kept passing a large, older woman walking very very slowly with a cane. I would go up to a house, do the canvass thing, leave, and by that time she had caught up to me. I did some houses just up the block from my polling place and headed back... just in time to see her walking out of the polling place very slowly. It was kind of moving.

Okay... off to NYC.
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Yup, the McCain campaign just pulled Wright out of their asses!

Now I DEMAND the Palin anti-witchcraft thang!
And the Alaskan Separatist thing!
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At this very moment, I have around three gallons or so of goat milk gelato in three flavors, sitting in my freezer. What should I do?
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Lilac Wine... Nina Simone's version, or Jeff Buckley's? Which is awesomer?
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I appreciated a reel to reel tape recorder in your honor today!
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Happy birthday o thou idlest of rats!
In your honor, I have decided not to even put a humane trap out for the mouse who sometimes appears in my kitchen,since I decided that a very low maintenance pet is just what I need.
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Some people have said that McCain is being inaccurate when he repeats (and repeats, and repeats) the thing about oil imports resulting in $700 billion going to "countries that don't like us very much," because most of our oil comes from Canada and Mexico. I would like to point out, however, that he's probably right... Canada and Mexico don't really like us all that much, although they are usually polite about it.
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What was with all the Sarah Palin and autism remarks? Was he confusing autism with downs syndrome? Does Alaska have a high rate of autism? Or is he such a sunbelter that he was confusing Alaska and Massachusetts?
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Um... did anyone else feel really, really creeped out when McCain put those scare quotes around "women's health?"
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Am I the last person I know to find out that Obama's mother was an anthropologist?
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Anybody know anyone looking for a roommate or a room for the AAA this year?
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And this is what they wrote me:

Dear Twotoedsloth; thank you for your e-mail and welcome to Casa X. About your request we have a apartment with one double bed, private bathroom and kitchen, the cost per 30 days (one month) is $400 usd for one person. The apartment included refrigerator, stuff, dishes, normal water, electricity, s for the stove, blanquest, we change and clean the apartment one time per week. We donĀ“t inlcued toilet paper, towels, bottles of purified water and soup.

I really had to read it three times before I figured it out.
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I wielded my shiny new(ish) health insurance today to get myself that annual pelvic/pap exam we all so look forward to, not to mention a bunch of blood tests that we old geezers are supposed to get these days. I decided to go to the Queer health clinic in what is rather foolishly called the "Gayborhood."

Pro: While waiting for the phlebotomist, I got to hear a doctor (or nurse practitioner, or something) carefully instructing someone on how to inject hirself with estrogen.

Con: Leaving the clinic, I realized that s/he must have heard much more of my long, involved conversation with my new gynecologist about concerns of mine than I would have liked.

Also, why do I have such low blood pressure? Do I need to worry more? Maybe I should be more involved with the election.
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