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Yes, I'm worried about the swine flu, not so much because of it's potential as a pandemic (which, of course, worries me), than the fact that it is already epidemic in the DF one of a short list of my homes away from home (wherever that is). So, I'm worried about my loved or just-kind-of-liked or not-actively-hated ones who live there, and more than a bit apprehensive about my plans to travel there in a few weeks. I have heard, variously, that no one is wearing surgical masks because they don't believe the epidemic is real, or that no one is wearing them because the stores ran out within hours. I'm not sure how effective they are anyway... and Mexico City is not the best venue for, er, controlling people, which is, of course, one of the things we so love about it.

But... I am vicariously proud to say that within hours, the following song was on the radio...

I also wonder how long before La Gripe Porcina becomes someone's nombre de batalla.

*Walks away slowly, whistling Mexico Lindo y Querido off key, and reflecting on how much less she tends to worry, generally, about "muriendo lejos de [el]" than muriendo cerquititita.*

Date: 2009-04-28 01:47 am (UTC)
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Lindo y querido y tantos adjectivos mas ...

Also, they just had a quake, did you hear? And everyone I know there is fine except for a somewhat fragile US expat journalist who was a close friend of Elinor's, who I haven't been able to contact at all ... oy.


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